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What this year's participants are saying...

Our pilgrimage brings together Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Methodists and more from around the country. Here’s what they are saying…

This tour is a wonderful blend of faith, Irish history and culture, and scenic Ireland. The combination of these 3 dimensions coupled with a knowledgeable guide, made for an unforgettable journey to the Emerald Isle.

Sister Joan from Philadelphia, PA

This pilgrimage was truly a journey into the mysterious ways God has worked in and through the Irish people. I felt the depth and energy of saints who have walked the spiritual path over the centuries. Our guides were terrific!

Carol from Englewood, CO

Our pilgrimage was beautifully planned. I was exposed to new ideas and challenged to expand old ones. The enthusiasm of our leaders was contagious.

Anne from Littleton, CO

This pilgrimage was a spiritual awakening.

Fred from Littleton, CO

Our pilgrimage was an informative and enriching way to experience the sacred pre-Christian and Christian sites of Ireland. We journeyed together in respect and faith.

Sister Susan from St. Paul, MN

My spirit was nourished beyond expectation on this well-planned journey. New and forgotten history combined with Celtic sites, songs, stories and new friends created an experience that has touched me in an unforgettable way. Thank you, Brad, for all the time and love you put into this pilgrimage. 

Carol from Chicago

Entering the Celtic Pilgrimage deeply: seeing, touching and savoring the sacredness of holy places deepened my understanding of who I am as the daughter of Irish immigrants. This experience has been profoundly moving for me – a holy longing has been met. I have experienced illumination and return to the US a stronger, deeper Irish American woman.

Sister Maureen from Boston

This pilgrimage was informative and engaging. Seeing where early Christians lived and worshipped was eye opening – real people in real places at worship and work.

John from Englewood, CO

A wonderful opportunity to touch into the tens of thousands of years of Irish spirituality and culture…the Irish are a gift for all time.

Sister Virginia from St. Paul, MN

This pilgrimage was a most unique experience, a true spiritual journey. Even though I have visited Ireland before as well as many other countries this trip touched me in a deeper way and gave me fresh insight into myself.

Grace from Castle Rock, CO

The cumulative impact of experiences gave me a feeling for the roots of Celtic spirituality and the differences between that and Benedictine, Franciscan spirituality. Excellent planning!

Jim from Castle Rock, CO

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