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Professional Reviews
of Reinventing Sunday:
Breakthrough Ideas for Transforming Worship
by Brad Berglund
© 2001, Judson Press

"This new entry on the expanding shelf of books on worship seeks to provide inspiration and practical resources for those who regularly lead worship. Drawing on a wide range of traditions and practices, author Berglund hopes to support readers "in breathing life into your weekly ritual" (p. xvii).

"He brings seven assumptions to the subject at hand (pp. xvii-xviii):

  1. Worship should be offered to God as worship, not as evangelism or Christian education.
  2. Worship is what worshipers do for God.
  3. Worship leaders are not performers but prompters of those in the pew.
  4. Worship can transform our lives and make us more faithful.
  5. Worship should activate our whole self, including our bodies.
  6. God-centered worship expands our souls.
  7. Worship is a weekly mini pilgrimage, an adventure into the unknown.

"Robert Webber’s emphasis on the fourfold movement of worship (gathering of the people, service of the Word, responding in gratitude, going out to serve) gives Berglund's handbook its structure, augmented by prelude and postlude.

"Each section expands on one of the assumptions and offers practical suggestions for worshipers and worship leaders alike. Berglund’s years of experience as a pastor and worship leader, supported by an undergraduate degree in music and training for spiritual direction, contribute depth and breadth to his understanding. He addresses the stresses and storms surrounding worship today.

"In one of the most valuable portions of the book, 'The Modulating Church,' the author tackles the challenges of bringing a key change in worship to the congregation. His well-considered suggestions correct some of the market-mentality aberrations that afflict churches today. 'Is the motto of the church "The customer is always right"? Worshipers are not clients. Churches are in the business of creating a new heaven and a new earth, not satisfying shareholders' (p. 91).

"For a brief but current and comprehensive guide for those leading worship, one would be hard put to find anything more accessible and usable than this book. It has, in this reviewer's mind, only a couple of relatively minor flaws. An index would add to its usefulness. On page 8 the author employs a highly dubious etymology for the word innovate. To relate it to ovary/ovum and therefore to fertility and birth rather than to novum is a bit of a stretch."

Rev. Joseph I. Mortensen
American Baptist Churches of Michigan
Midland, Michigan
From "Congregations," a publication of the Alban Institute

"Berglund's book is an inspirational, practical resource for worship leaders. The author organizes his book as a musical piece. First comes the prelude, or the art of preparation, so that both people and pastor may come into the sanctuary with joy and anticipation. The next four movements or aspects of the worship experience are gathering, encountering, responding, and embracing. The postlude addresses ways of working though the tensions that worship-style changes may produce. The author's suggestions embrace a wide variety of worship styles derived from studying, visiting, and participating in various denominational and cultural traditions.

"This is a must-read for worship leaders and pastors who want to revitalize, expand, or reframe their approach to worship."

Mario Raxon, in "Church Life" magazine

"Sometimes all people need is a confirmation that creativity in a worship service is not only acceptable but also necessary for the growth and prosperity of a congregation. If that is what you are looking for, then Reinventing Sunday is something you should read. The book is short enough to handle in a day and uses language that won’t wear out your thesaurus. The most impressive quality is that Berglund tackles almost every aspect of a Sunday worship service, describing its rudiments as performed by various denominations, and captures some of the basic problems our services have with these practices. He then presents different creative approaches to add variety to the service, using techniques and ideas both old and new. Although at times he seems intent mainly on his own preferences and lacks consideration for all sides of an argument, Berglund displays a strong, rehearsed perspective of worship.

"From prelude to postlude, and even into the streets, Berglund offers a guide for spiritual leaders to examine their approaches to worship, and then carefully offers ideas for refreshing Sunday worship."

Curtis Kuhn in "Worship Leader" magazine, Fall, 2001

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